Four Most Important Principles for Improved Board Collaboration

The cooperation of the members of the board of the company is especially important because it is the team that drives the company. If there is no integrity and unity in it, the enterprise will fail. The recommendations given in this article will help the president of the company to create a working management apparatus.

Describe how you see your management team

Simply put, paint the big picture of the collaboration. The first step along this path is to outline and document how teams interact in the course of doing business.

An example plan might be:

  • Determine the communication vector, frequency, and type of meetings.
  • Distribute responsibilities across the entire management team.
  • Assign responsibility for a particular process.
  • Clearly describe and write down all the goals of the government.
  • Formulate key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Carry out the coordination of technical and commercial tasks.

Indicators of discipline and coherence of work as a whole significantly increase in the case of a clear distribution of responsibilities.

Stay flexible

In addition to a well-defined plan, it is very important to have the flexibility to deal with difficult situations and adapt to changes as the project progresses. If at least one member of the board has difficulties, the whole team should come to the rescue – the sooner the obstacle is removed, the sooner work can resume.

Follow everything

Visual management (charts, tables, forms, etc.) and regular “dailies” (planners) are a must-have for the work of a common team. These two simple tools will help you combine disparate teams into one cohesive workgroup and get:

  • Continuity of interaction. Daily (weekly) planning meetings help all team members stay up to date with all the latest project news (ups and downs), share up-to-date working information, and immediately learn about any changes if any. During such meetings, communicating with colleagues, members of different teams feel more part of one common project and realize their responsibility.
  • Critical metrics. Visualization of the main plan, working schemes, graphs, etc. – all this helps to conduct analytics and determine performance indicators. The graphical display of the project helps all board members feel like they are in the same boat.

Keep everyone together

Nowadays, it is not necessary to be in the office to work fruitfully for the benefit of a common project. Programs for remote cooperation of managers allow:

  • Use online communication tools (and real-time – webcams and applications).
  • Determine the specific time of online meetings (taking into account, for example, different time zones).
  • Install programs and services for collaboration, where each team member, regardless of their location, can independently familiarize themselves with the progress of the workflow, check their tasks, notify them of their completion, etc.

These simple measures will help to make the interaction between departments uninterrupted.

Team building helps to increase the effectiveness of interaction between teams. People who find a common language outside of working hours maintain good relations in the course of work.


Perfectly coordinated interaction between managers is not achieved in the blink of an eye. It is a progressive process that requires an expert organization to achieve maximum results. Share information, stay in constant contact with colleagues, and do not be afraid of any obstacles on the way.

An important step in our time is the introduction of online platforms for team leaders. At you can understand the specifics of different applications and choose the one that will help your colleagues communicate effectively.